"The new Chief Inspector of Mines in PNG, Alyn Evans, contacted me to let me know what a good read the book is. I look forward to getting the inside track myself."
Chris Skelding

"I think it is truly wonderful.  Dave Henton is a great writer, and you put most folks to shame with your sheer courage - even without the terrible illnesses to boot!"

"Good work. Keep it up"
Albert Andrew

"The book arrived yesterday and I have started reading it and am thoroughly enjoying it -  many thanks"
Peter Johnston

"Enjoyed the read and my heartfelt admiration and sympathy at your demanding and body draining battle to keep greedy spivs and carpetbaggers from Mt Kare. This sort of thing happens everywhere, as we know, but in PNG it is the horrible, grubby "norm", unfortunately."
Craig McConaghy

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