Flower's self-published book, Mt Kare Gold Rush, co-written with teacher Dave Henton, offers an explanation why Australia’s resource-rich and nearest neighbour and one of its main aid recipients remains mired in poverty more than three decades after achieving independence from Australia.

New Zealand-born Flower had worked among the Huli people in the Highlands since moving there in 1965, running trading stores with locals.  Landowners approached Flower to negotiate a mining agreement with CRA. While negotiations spluttered along, CRA had a disaster with the closure of its Panguna Copper and gold mine on Bougainville Island after it was attacked by secessionist rebels. Flower writes: "It was a very noisy background to the Mt Kare negotiations."

In Papua New Guinea, it is not unusual for corporate greed, corruptions and governmental mismanagement to derail much-needed economic advancement.  Traditional land ownership is often ill-defined and uncertain, so the task of doing business is made all the harder by the legal requirement for developers to pay compensation to far-from-united landowners.

There were no winners from the Mt Kare imbroglio just plenty of losers, especially thousands of subsistence villagers.
Greg Roberts - The Weekend Australian

"Andi Flower, a young man from the genteel suburbs of New Zealand, sets out for a life of adventure — and finds himself in the middle of a fabulous gold rush in the Highlands of Papua New Guinea. His beautifully told story is one of giant multinational companies, incomprehensible and murderous tribal politics, political corruption, and the attempts of all and sundry to get a slice of the billion-dollar action. This self-published gem is a revealing account of what greed can do in a struggling Pacific nation."
Mark Davis
Mark was a journalist in Papua New Guinea and advisor to former PNG Prime Minister Mekere Morauta

"Fantastic. This is a tale that needed to be told for the many lessons it holds for all who are truly interested in helping Melanesia progress."
Sean Dorney
Journalist ABC, South Pacific

"A must read for anyone doing business in Papua New Guinea or seeking a personal insight into the trials and outright personal danger of dealing with the “wantok” attitude behind much of this beautiful ‘Land of the Unexpected’s’ corruption
and moral decay."
Bob Howarth
Tutor in Journalism, Griffith University; former Managing Director and Publisher Papua New Guinea Post-Courier (2001-2005).

"Andi Flower’s story is a must read. A courageous, brutally frank and absorbing account of corruption, the abuse and use of power, violence and downright evil during a critical time in Papua New Guinea’s history"
Gary Evans
Retired editorial executive Queensland Newspaper Pty Ltd.

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